Best local author read for 2013 (so far): The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes

I have too many books – paperbacks, hardcovers, e-books, audiobooks – yes, too many and too little space. And every day more great books are published. Because I’ve been forced into frugality, I’ve undertaken to only buy books from local (South African) authors. Even this is turning out to be slightly problematic because we have some really great talent! The-Shining-GirlsI bought my copy of The Shining Girls prior to the Team Trinity launch earlier this year, and it was added to my list of “to read”. When my favourite author of all time recommended it in the London Times, I decided to put all else aside and read Lauren Beukes’s latest offering. If I told you it was an easy read, it would be a half-truth. The story draws you in, the plot flows seamlessly (despite the time-travel element), and the characters are relatable, if not entirely likeable. It is that very enticing story that caused me a little strain (and this may experience is quite possibly limited to only me). It is intense. While I grudgingly fed, watered, and uhm… weeded (?) my body when it demanded, I felt for my phone and immersed myself in the “normality” of Twitter several times because the narrative felt overwhelmingly possessive. If you want to read one book this year that entertains you and haunts you long after you’ve put it down, this is that book. It has displaced Moxyland as my favourite of Beukes’s works.

Who’s your favourite South African author?


  1. tabecka

    I’ve never actually read a book by a South African author. I may have to look into this – Thanks for the post! Interesting read.

    • Syllable

      Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think and who you’ve read once you try SA authors 🙂


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