Birthday countdown

It’s five months until I (hypothetically) celebrate my next birthday. So I’ve decided to make a little extravagant wish list. Because it’s a milestone age, supposedly, it’s a little heavy on the extravagance. In no particular order, here it is.

  • This Rose Ring from Pandora. My mom gave me a unicorn ring for Christmas 2017. I literally wore it to pieces. And it kind of feels a little weird when I don’t have something to twist around my finger. Because I can’t sit still, particularly at my therapy sessions.
  • An Apple Watch. Just because. I really like the stainless steel bands, but will be pretty happy with the pink stripe woven band. (I think the pride woven band is gorgeous too.)
  • This little bit of hipster hardware. Maybe I’m just a liker of things. It reminds me of my childhood.
  • And the gift above wouldn’t be complete without this.
  • A car in a model that matches my age. The Volvo XC40 T5 Geartronic AWD in Osmium Grey Metallic.

  • A few nap-time essentials. A duvet for any time of the year, a feather bed for a bit of indulgence, and a large adult luxury weighted blanket in soft grey to calm my mind.
  • A few girls from the Bibi Rouge collection – Blair, Anna, Carli, Petra, Ricci, Olivia, Helena, Tanya, Serena with a splash of spring and slade.
  • A little bit of gin. OK, maybe a lot of gin. With some tonic. And garnish. Have I mentioned I love the smell of gin in the morning? And the afternoon. At night too. There is nothing prettier than shimmery blue gin – only one place makes it and it’s extremely rare. And a transportation system.
  • Shoes. Pretty, pretty shoes. Unicorn shoes. And matching socks. Also truth shirt.
  • Since we’re talking about clothes, two items I’ve never owned and unreasonably, desperately want. Don’t ask. I just do.
  • Shiny bits from this amazing lady.

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