Blogvember day 17: introduce your family

I’m not going to post a picture of my family – they are entitled to their privacy. But I will tell you about them.

My mother, who recently turned 60, has done a pretty awesome job at raising us, and is doing a great job getting my nephew through high school right now.

My nephew is 15 (and a half – when you’re young, the decimals make a difference, doesn’t it?). He is well-mannered, clever, but like his father at that age, a little lazy. He’s also a Brony 😉

My brother is a little more than four years older than me. I suppose decimals also matter when you try to convince yourself you’re not as old as a sibling 😛 He’s a pretty awesome brother – a petrolhead, visually impaired, and very outdoorsy.

They are my people. My brother is married, has stepdaughters and a step-grandson. However, these three people listed above, they are all mine, and they can never be taken away from me. Shame, poor them!




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