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Get onlineI started an internship this year, that turned into the best job I’ve had all my life 🙂 Part of what I do is write the occasional blog post, like this one about creating content that bring your readers back. I’m not sure if I’m practicing this particular sermon, but I’m happy with the growth my blog has shown recently.

Read more about the seven tips here. In short:

  1. Have a bit of personality
  2. Entertain, inspire, inform
  3. Create curiosity, but don’t be cryptic
  4. When posting a link, say something about it (this especially applies to Twitter!)
  5. Tell people about your brand’s blog, Twitter account, Facebook page (did you know SITC is on FB, Google+, and Twitter?)
  6. Mix it up
  7. The law of reciprocation (UBC is a great way to facilitate and initiate this!)

Do you have anything to add? What’s the best strategy you’ve come up with to draw readers?


  1. Fran

    Thanks for the seven tips.

  2. jan kearney

    Great tips! I would add, “just be you” too 🙂

    • Syllable

      Thanks Jan. Sometimes you’re restricted in terms of tone and personality if you’re writing on behalf of a brand, but you should always be “real” and believable at least.

      And when writing for your own brand, being yourself is a great tip 🙂


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