Chill out with Happy.Me’s Sn.oh

Wild Berry no.1We don’t have white Christmases in South Africa, but we can have snow all year round. Or rather, Sn.oh – delicious snow ice from Happy.Me in three mouthwatering flavours:

  • chocolate
  • mango citrus
  • wild berry

Sn.oh is a very different take on frozen yogurt, falling somewhere between ice cream and sorbet, bursting with flavour, and real fruit blends in the two non-chocolate flavours.

What really surprised me about Sn.oh was the size of the bowl. It is huge! My nephew tried the chocolate flavour and I had to steal a bite (and had to stop myself from having more!). Besides the melt-in-your-mouth frozen ribbons, the bowl is topped up with bits of chocolate biscuits, nuts, and chocolate sauce.

2014-10-18 09.36.02

So if you’re looking for an unusual summer snack, pop in to Happy.Me and get some Sn.oh (and let me know what your thoughts are ;))


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