Clarins gives you beautiful skin at every age

I’m not one of those women who get offended when asked my age. In fact, I’m often amused by the answers when I ask people how old they think I am.

But I can’t claim that my beauty routine has anything to do with my apparently youthful appearance – I prefer to think that it’s my mischievousness that keep me young. I’m not devoted to any one beauty brand, but when it comes to skincare, one of my three favourites is Clarins – the others won’t be mentioned here today.

So I was absolutely thrilled to attend a morning information session where we found out a little more about the skin care solutions Clarins offers at every age.

As a 30+ the Multi-Active range is perfect to correct early wrinkles. According to the information on their website, it is the ideal solution for premature loss of tone linked to a busy lifestyle. It reduces early wrinkles to leave skin smooth, fresh and younger-looking again. Thanks to an anti-free radical ingredient, skin is preserved from premature ageing.

I was also introduced to two other products, which have both risen to near the top of my (ever-growing) wish list. First, Clarins Double Serum.

Clarins Double Serum

The current version is the seventh since its first appearance in 1985, and contains both an oil-based and water-based serum, dispensed simultaneously. These mix beautifullyand is absorbed quickly by the skin, leaving no residues. It hydrates, nourishes, oxygenate, protect, and help to regenerate the skin.

It is an “intensive anti-ageing treatment rich in 20 plant extracts that boosts the skin’s vital functions.”

Clarins hand and nail treatment creamThe second surprised me too – their hand and nail treatment cream. Everyone who knows me knows how much I despise creams. And because I knit in my free time more often than not, I don’t apply anything to my hands, and by the time I go to bed, I forget/I’m too lazy to apply anything. But this! I applied the product during the discussion, and didn’t want to wash my hands after that! (Don’t worry, I did. Eventually). My skin felt so soft and smooth, and it also treats and strengthens your nails.

Clarins wonder-perfect mascaraOf course Clarins don’t only do skincare, they also have a great range of beauty products. I was thrilled to receive a sample of their Wonder Perfect mascara. As a mascara junky, I love how well the formula coats the lashes to give them volume and curl. I’m also keen to try the Wonder Volume mascara, which not only makes your lashes pretty and healthy, but also encourages growth!

I’d like to thank Stuttafords and Clarins for inviting me – it was a fantastic, informative morning, and being made to feel special with a glass (or two) of champagne on a Saturday morning while the world rushes on, is simply unbeatable.


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