Cocktail glasses – an overview

Cocktail glasses come in a variety of shapes and forms and can really make your photo pop.

I’ve rounded up some of the staples linking to where you can buy them as well as links to some wonderful tipples you can pour inside them.

Let’s start with the ones everyone know.

Red wine glass

red wine cocktail glasses

Red wine glasses have larger, rounder bowls to allow for swirling the wine to help aerate it.

It’s long stem keeps the bowl away from from your hand so your wine won’t become too warm.

White wine glass

white wine cocktail glasses

White wine glasses have a smaller mouth area to avoid aeration so the wine doesn’t oxidise too fast and retain the more delicate notes of white wines.

When you make wine-based cocktails such as spritzers Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling are good choices with their stron aromatics and flavours.

Cognac glasses

brandy snifter cocktail glasses

Also known as brandy snifters, these balloon glasses allow the drinker to fully enjoy the drink’s flavours and aromas.

Its shorter stem means it’s easy to cradle the large bowl in your hand so your brandy or cognac stays warm as you drink it.

Liqueur glasses

liqueur cocktail glasses

Liqueur glasses are specifically designed for the enjoyment of sweet liqueurs, as a welcome drink or to enjoy as dessert with a cheese platter.

Highball, Collins and Zombie cocktail glasses

hiball cocktail glasses

Highball glass

This is the smallest of the tall glasses, holding about 240 – 260ml. It is perfect for mixed drinks and cocktails on the rocks. The shape of the highball glass keeps your drink cold and preserves carbonation.

Collins glass

The Collins glass is taller and narrower than a highball glass with a 300 – 420ml capacity. It’s great for drinks with more than one mixer and is served with a lot of ice.

zombie cocktail glasses

Zombie glass

Named for the Zombie cocktail made of a blend of juices, rum and liqueur, it is the tallest and narrowest of the cocktail glasses and perfectly shows off colourful and layerd drinks.

Lowball glass/tumbler

lowball cocktail glasses

This is also known as an old-fashioned or rocks glass, used for short mixed drinkds or those served on the rocks, such as Old Fashioned, Rusty Nail, White Russian.

Margarita cocktail glasses

margarita cocktail glasses

Margaritas cocktail glasses are usually served in were traditionally served in a “stepped-diameter variant of a cocktail glass.”

It features a large, round bowl with a broad rim – allowing for plenty of garnishes, and the delicious zing of salt when you take a sip.

Hurrican cocktail glasses

hurricane cocktail glasses

These cocktail glasses are named after the Hurricane cocktail that was developed in New Orleans in the 1940s and is a mainstay in the French Quarter.

The glass features a tulip-like shape with a flared rim and short stem, and holds 600ml. Perfect for tropical drinks, the flared lip holds lots of delicious fruity garnishes. Traditionally used to serve Piña Coladas and Singapore Slings.

Martini cocktail glasses

martini cocktail glasses

It’s no secret that a dry gin martini is my favourite cocktail.

These iconic cocktail glasses are used for cocktails served without ice. In addition to martinis, other cocktails served in these glasses include Cosmopolitan. Manhattan and Sidecar.

Champagne glasses

champagne flute cocktail glasses

Champage flute

Sparkling wine, MCC and champagne are often erved in these tall glasses with a thin bowl and a small mouth, as this help to preserve the bubbles and prevent it from going flat too quickly.

Pouring tip: hold the glass at a 45-degree angle to avoid excess foam and only half-fill the glass to get the most out of the aroma. I’d love to taste this bubbly.

tulip cocktail glasses

Champagne tulip

The champagne tulip glass is a hybrid between a champagne flute and coupe glass.

Its wider bowl lets the aromas of your bubbly intermingle while sipping, and its slight curve allows for concentrated aeration.

This is one of the priciest bubblies I’ve had the good fortune to taste. I’m very keen to also try the blush version. Be warned, if you ever gifted this to me, I’m not sharing!

coupe cocktail glasses

Champagne coupe

The broad round bowl of a coupe glass doesn’t keep the bubbles of a drink concentrated, so it has fallen out of fashion as a champagne glass.

Today, the champagne saucer is used for strained cocktails served up – with no ice – like a Manhatten. If you want a glass that will show off the colours of your dink on the ‘gram, this is a great choice!

I would still sip some bubbles from a coupe just for the Jay Gatsby vibes.

There are so many other cocktail glasses and recepticals – shot glasses, copper mugs, Julep cups, whisky glasses, Nick and Nora glasses (so cute!) and the wonderfully oversized stemmed bowls that have become popular for serving G&T. And then there are all the different beer glasses!

Writing this post has been thirsty work, so perhaps I’ll pour myself a little gin now 😉


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