Coffee, tea, or me part 3: Le Creuset Tea for One

I went through a stage… I thought it was over, but apparently not. Wait, let me start a few years back. I had an absolute obsession with tea pots and tea sets. Eventually I realised that it was verging on insanity and that I had to stick it all in storage because I didn’t have space for any of it in my little room in my mom’s house. I also gave one or two – probably only one, I only recall one – of the tea-for-one sets I was so precious over, to my mom (who eventually gave it to my brother). I regret this, because it was a beautiful teal and white, and didn’t have a saucer; very different to the rest of my collection.

These days I have two tea sets and a cake stand on top of my one bookshelf, and five tea-for-one-sets on top of the other. There is space for one more. I almost resigned myself to five, but then I saw something beautiful from Le Creuset.

“Consisting of a 300 ml teapot and 200 ml cup that fit snugly together, it is the perfect combination to brew and serve a truly memorable cup of tea.”

And would you look at this? It is a thing of beauty!

Le Creuset Tea for One Cherry (1)


The set is available in all the fantastic Le Creuset colours: Cherry, Marseille, Caribbean, Coastal, Soleil, White, Flame.

“Stylish and colourful, the new Tea for One from Le Creuset will be your perfect tea companion throughout the day or a delightful gift for a friend or family.” Or yourself, I say! It comes with a 5-year guarantee, and is presented in a colour gift box.

The Le Creuset Tea for One retails at R398, and now that you know, there are no excuses for me not getting at least one for my birthday this year. P.S. I’ve listed the colours in order of preference 😉


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