Coffee, tea, or me part 5: Happy.Me combines the best of all thing nice

While Happy.Me is best known for its happy-making bubble tea, they also serve a variety of coffee- and chocolate-based drinks. Recently I visited the Fourways store to try out the chocolate drinks, and I took Nafisa along to take pics, share in the happy sweetness, and rate the drinks.

The Belgian Chocolate drinks – both hot and cold – can be infused by different flavours. The original as a hot drink was really amazing; one of the best hot chocolates I’ve had this year. Iced it’s a bit too sweet to my liking, but I would still happily drink it if someone got it for me.

We rated the drinks out of 10, and the lower ratings were not because the drinks were bad, it’s simply a matter of personal taste. I’m of the firm belief that chocolate and fruit should rather not be mixed, but that’s just me. I know there are people who love orange chocolate or banana-chocolate combination.

We were a little overwhelmed and resorted to creating a table with scores. The cold variants generally were sweeter, and the flavourings less noticeable.

Flavour Martha Nafisa
Original Hot 9 10
Cold 7.5 7
Double espresso Hot 7 9
Cold 8 5
Banana Hot 3 4
Cold 6 7
Cookies & cream Hot 7 8
Cold 8 9
Mint Hot 8 8
Cold 9 9
Orange Hot 3 3
Cold 5 4
Wild raspberry Hot 3 4
Cold 3 4
Zoo cookie Hot 5 6
Cold 6 7

The mint flavour (both hot and cold) was the undisputed winner overall. But you don’t need to take our words for it! Head over to your nearest Happy.Me and have some chocolate-flavoured happiness 🙂

Thanks for coming along and taking pics, Nafisa!


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