Coffee, tea, or me part 6: Royal Dansk brings chocolate and coffee together in a cookie

When it comes to delicious biscuits you can’t go wrong with the original Danish luxury cookies: Royal Dansk. The delicious butter cookies, served traditionally in tins, has been a firm favourite of mine for years.

And now they have a delicious new variant: cappuccino & chocolate chip cookies! Despite cutting down on my sugar, I could not resist one (fine, two) of these, before my colleagues kept the rest from going stale – let it not be said I’m not diplomatic 😉

2014-08-19 12.38.44

“Offsetting any rising feelings of guilt when you start indulging in these delicious cookies, is the rather pleasing knowledge that they are made with all natural ingredients, and contain absolutely no preservatives… The gentle coffee infusion blends perfectly with the odd nugget of chocolate and the accompanying buttery texture and crunch, has one relishing the whole experience, and yearning for more.”

Yes, sorry, that was from a press release because I was too busy drooling over the memory of each delicious, moreish bite I had, and the amazing smell that wafted through the office when I opened the foil packet.

Available at Checkers from September, I can see these sneaking their way into my shopping basket!


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