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Remember about a year ago I wrote about Zomato’s Jo’burg launch? Since then the foodie site also launched in Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, and several international cities.

To celebrate their very successful first year in South Africa, they invited a few of their reviewers for an evening of fun, food, and festivities at Craft Restaurant in Parkhurst.

The restaurant has an extensive range of craft beers. They also stock a variety of wines and premium spirits, and offer a refreshing assortment of non-alcoholic drinks that is neither water nor soda (although they have those too), like the very delicious Rose & Raspberry cordial. They will soon also offer ice tea on tap, with a new flavour every fortnight.

photo 1a

The décor is very rustic, with metal, wood, and leather featuring throughout. There’s seating inside and out, as well as a bar area, making this a perfect venue for a get together with friends, or a date night that your boyfriend/husband won’t have feel they have to suffer through.

The service is friendly, and the staff knowledgeable of the menus – both food and drink.

photo 2 (2)Speaking of food – there is something for every taste – and I can definitely vouch for the fig & brie pizza (figs, brie, olive tapenade; drizzled with honey), the mascarpone pizza (Rosa tomato, mascarpone, fresh basil), the paella – organic chicken, chorizo, mussels, prawns, mixed peppers – the cured meat and artisan cheese boards, and ALL their desserts, but in particular, the chocolate truffle: a flourless Belgium chocolate cake served with cream and a berry compote.

MilkshakesAnd if you like milkshakes, you’re in for a treat! To rank the five we sampled in order of favourite is tricky, because the order will change if you only have a milkshake, or just a milkshake and a little something to eat. The Ferrero Rocher one is absolutely divine, but rich, sweet, and filling. The Oreo one is not too sweet, but I’m not a fan of cookie crumbs in my drink. The passion fruit one got the least favourable response; who wants fruit when you can have chocolate, right? I personally LOVED the candy floss shake, but it is terribly sweet, especially when the candyfloss dissolves. I was pleasantly surprised by the gingerbread milkshake, which is served with a little gingerbread man. I don’t like ginger at all, but this was really yummy.

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(Thanks to Nafisa for the pics :))

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  1. Nafisa

    I’ve been there 3 times and it’s definitely not the last time. Love the vibe they have going on and with winter approaching, I want to try their veg pasta.


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