De Krans P&T is this summer’s pre-mix

De Krans P&T is South Africa’s first and only port-style wine and tonic. If you find gin and tonic too bitter to your taste, you will love this drink.

Port-style wines are part of De Krans Wines’ heritage, and the winery has become one of South Africa’s most awarded and respected port-style wine and Portuguese dry wine producers. You all know I’m not a fan of wine unless it has bubbles, but I am a fan of sweeter dessert wines – sherry and a lovely ruby port are always welcome. Anyway, since they specialise in port, the De Krans P&T (port-style and tonic cocktail) was developed as a passion that needed to be shared. The idea is to introduce port-style wines to the young so that they, too, can come to love and appreciate this fine drink.

Port-style wines have traditionally been associated with an after-dinner drink. However, there are numerous ways to serve the various styles of port. Consumption of port and port-style wines has been somewhat stagnant in the last decade due to higher alcohol and sugar content, with very little volume growth. Another reason for the relatively small growth in the port-style market is that the younger generation, in particular, avoids port due to the foregoing and the perception of port as an old man’s drink.

De Krans history

De Krans Wines in Calitzdorp has always been at the forefront of South African wine industry innovation. After more than a year of preparation, the De Krans P&T was finally ready. Much like champagne, South African companies are not permitted to use the word “port” on the label.

Consumers, specifically the younger ones, enjoy cocktails and ready-to-drink beverages (RTDs) and the opportunity to try something new and exciting. This is a great way to introduce them to port-style wines and increase the accessibility of the port-style category to a much broader and younger audience.

The winery’s Cape White port-style wine (made from 56-year-old Malvasia Rei vines) forms the base of De Krans P&T, South Africa’s first port-style and tonic.

Since many people are open to trying the chilled port-style cocktail but don’t want to mix it themselves, De Krans P&T comes in a 275 ml glass bottle.

What makes De Krans P&T unique?

The De Krans Premium P&T is South Africa’s only ready-to-drink port-style wine and tonic. It is a 6% alcohol sparkling, naturally sweet premixed product with fresh flavours of passion fruit, pineapple, peaches, and citrus. All the flavourings are natural, with no artificial flavours added.

De Krans P&T comes in a 275ml flint bottle with a silver crown cap. Available in four-bottle carry packs and 24-bottle (6 x 4-bottle) cases at select retailers across the country, directly from the farm, or through their online shop.


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