Don’t like the taste of water? Try Evige

The big water debate. There are those who say you need to drink eight glasses (two litres) of water a day. Then there are those who say those eight glasses don’t need to be pure water – as long as you stay sufficiently hydrated.

Now that the weather’s warming up nicely, it’s easier for me to drink more water, but I’ve never been a fan of it (unlike my nephew). And generally the flavoured water you buy sure tastes better, but is loaded with sugar, and more often than not, it’s carbonated too.

Evige Water

Enter Evige water.

Evige Pure Swiss Essence Water is made with natural extracts from Switzerland and Happy Water™. The purified water that many of us drink is clean, but that cleaning process strips it of all minerals and life. By using the Hado Principles developed by Dr Masaru Emoto in Japan, purified water is revitalized, re-energized and re-oxygenated through various processes. This involves many life-affirming interventions including exposure to spectral light, recreating the water’s natural flow through rocks and blanketing the water in classical music to achieve vibrational equilibrium and restore healing qualities. Once this is done the water is filtered through a ceramic egg containing mineral-rich Kalahari salt. The result is perfectly balanced Happy Water™ that mimics the water created by nature before it was contaminated by man. This is the most beautiful water we could find and you’ll find it in every bottle of Evige.

Once the water has been treated with the Hado Principle, only the best natural essence is infused with the water. The result is a choice of three flavours (in order of my personal preference): cucumber, coconut, chocolate. And you’ll be happy to know that this water is non-carbonated and sugar-free! Available in 250 ml glass bottles with beautifully minimalistic labels, Evige makes a fashion and flavour statement like no other.

At the moment Evige is only available in the Johannesburg area – you can place an order (sold per case) through their sales department, or pick up a few at R14.49* each from Thrupps.

No summer picnic will be complete without Evige, and you don’t have to feel guilty about sugar-loading! Follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

* Receive an additional 10% off when you purchase a case (24 bottles).


This is the most refreshing non-alcoholic, non-carbonated drink ever! More @evigewater please!

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