Dreaming of summer with Superbalist

In collaboration with Superbalist, this is a paid post.

This morning when I left home it was -8.5°C. I’m very much over winter and decided to get a bit of warm inspiration online, over at Superbalist.

My favourite outfit

I would wear maxi dresses every day of the year if the weather permitted. They’re perfect for any occasion, come in so many flattering designs, and most importantly help hide my aversion to shaving my legs 🤭

Superbalist has a range of spectacular summer dresses, like this Katya maxi dress by Amanda Laird Cherry (one of my favourite designers – she really gets that curvy women also like to wear nice things).

Squeaking some takkie

Not strictly limited to summer, but these colours are so happy and these shoes are HOT! Falcon W sneakers come in a fabulous array of super cool colours – my favourites are fun and funky.

My sentimental scent

I was working at a pharmacy part time in 2001, and kept in touch with the ladies in the makeup section. So on graduation day I stopped by to be made pretty and nice-smelling. My perfume of choice? Ralph Lauren’s Tender Romance.

The memories of that day makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I was spritzed so generously that my car smelled of happy for weeks later.

The sunny side of life

Yes, you should wear sunblock and shades all year round, but the glamour of summer is embodied in these Paris oval cat eye sunnies. I’m not an expert in these things, but I’m sure they will suit any face shape. Most importantly, they suit me perfectly!

Summer skin starts in winter

Highveld winters are cold and dry. And when you have a beauty routine like mine (non-existent) it takes a particularly harsh beating. I realise as I’m, uhm, maturing, that I need to start taking better care of my skin. I’m fortunate that people still think I’m about five years younger than I really am, I should probably try to make the effort to preserve my youthful looks.

My skin tends to be oily, but is also dehydrated. So knowing what it needs can be tricky. The Skin Republic 10-Second Skin Analyser takes the guesswork out of happy, healthy skin.

 Place the electrodes on your cheek (don’t worry it doesn’t hurt) and wait until you hear a beep. Remove the device and check your reading. A hydration level between 30 – 40% and a skin oil level of between 16 – 30% is considered normal. 

It also checks your skin’s elasticity levels. What’s not to like?

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