Dressed up and turning heads

I love pretty dresses (and shoes), but some things are just a little weird. I found this link to a few really beautiful dresses, but I wouldn’t be caught wearing any of them out on the street.

Phone book dressI guess if you have allergies, a gown created from toilet paper will come in handy, which is okay until everyone else starts abusing your frock for their runny noses.

A balloon would be like a magnet to pranksters – I imagine even people who aren’t malicious will have difficulty refraining from popping one or two, just to see your reaction!

This might be the best use for a telephone book these days, as long as it doesn’t rain and allows for movement, this should be okay. Yeah, no, it’s fine… I’ll still give it a miss.

Adding class to CSI since… well, whenever the rubber glove dress was assembled 🙂

I get that a dress for condoms to create awareness will probably achieve the aim thoroughly, but uhm, no. Just. No. (While we’re on the topic, this had me in stitches earlier this week).

While it is a great way to encourage recycling, I don’t imagine a dress made from cold drink cans is very comfortable. It’s very pretty though.

And finally, I can think of better things to do with/ways to wear money (Louboutins anyone? :D)

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