Experience the African spice route with Musgrave Gin

For me, Musgrave Gin, was the first pink gin on my radar. But before that, there was Musgrave 11 – referring to the number of signature botanicals infused into this spirits. These flavours include top notes of aromatic cardamom, African ginger (Whitei Mondei) and grains of paradise – an ingredient that seems very popular in local crafted gins.

Musgrave Pink Gin (Musgrave 12) is a softer version of Musgrave 11 with a floral infusion of rosehips and rosewater. I’ve had one other pink, rosewater-infused gin, and can say that Musgrave 12 is my favourite, particularly with pink tonic.

Musgrave Gin (Musgrave 11) and Musgrave Pink Gin (Musgrave 12)

Origin: Cape Town

Volume: 750ml (also available in 50ml)

ABV: 43%

Remember in the Hope on Hopkins article I mentioned that the distillery produce gin for other brands too? Musgrave Gin is one of those brands. Lucy Beard and Leigh Lisk from Hope on Hopkins got together with South African craft distiller Roger Jorgensen, and guided by the botanicals chosen by Musgrave Gin founder, Simone Musgrave, Musgrave 11 was created.


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