Fall in love with NakedCherry Waxing in Craighall

Queen Bee Karen has come a long way from opening her first NakedCherry Waxing Smooth Operation in 2012.
She invited me to the recently relocated Parktown North branch to peaceful Craighall, with plenty of safe, shaded parking.
But we’re not here to talk about the trees.

Let’s talk about the bush

Despite my evident lack of grooming for months, I’m not put off by the pain of a Bare Naked Cherry wax. (Psst! There’s a discount at the bottom of this article.) This time was particularly less painful because of three things: my natural high pain threshold, the pain meds I took for my back and headache, and Daphne’s superior waxing skill.

Daphne’s the smooth operator with the longest service. I asked her why she enjoys working for NakedCherry Waxing. It’s the camaraderie and independence. After working in a day spa where your day can go from massage to wax to facial, she decided to specialise, join the fruit basket, and take control of her career.

“I feel like this branch is my business.”

Daphne works fast and efficiently. Since I was also having a half-leg and underarm wax, she worked out the best way to minimise my movement so I wouldn’t become a rotisserie chicken.

Proper preparation

As the ultimate expert, I asked Daphne what people should do to prepare for their appointment.

  • The most important? Don’t shave! Not your underarms, not your cherry, not a week before. No. Don’t do it!
  • Don’t apply body lotion. While they clean your skin before applying wax, you don’t always get the same adhesion.
  • Relax, they’ve seen it all.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to minimise the friction with your skin, which could increase ingrowns.

During our appointment, Daphne noticed I have sensitive skin and asked if I get a lot of ingrowns. Fortunately, I don’t. But if you do, they have some excellent after-care products (I’m a HUGE fan of the Morning Glory body wash and the Love Me Loofah sponge).

The NakedCherry Waxing code of conduct

Every smooth operator lives by the promise of:

  • Never, ever double dip – any wooden spatula that touches someone’s skin never goes back into the wax.
  • Beds are covered with paper roll – after each client, the wax enthusiast removes the paper roll, disinfects the bed, and covers it with new paper roll.
  • Always wear gloves – every therapist wears gloves on both hands for everyone’s hygiene.

In 2017, NakedCherry won the Professional Beauty Awards – Best Body Product/Wax Supplier.
And in 2018, they were crowned Speciality Salon of the Year.

I can honestly say that after my first visit to NakedCherry Waxing in 2012, I haven’t gone anywhere else for any waxing.
I don’t go as often as I should or want. But the Craighall Smooth Operation is really close to me, and Daphne knows her stuff.
Never wonder about your wax therapist’s skill or experience when you book with NakedCherry Waxing. They have the best hands in the business!

Get 20% off any bikini and leg wax at any NakedCherry Waxing branch until the end of November. Quote code BareSyllable when you make your booking 😉


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