How do you feel about male grooming?

Male grooming – and to clarify, I mean skincare, not makeup (not even guyliner) – seems to still be considered unacceptable. And in my experience, more so by women than men. Is it because women fear they need to give up shelf space to their other half’s products, or because soft, unlined skin means they’re not really masculine?

I’m sure men spend HOURS getting a designer stubble just right – more than a five o’clock shadow, not quite a day’s neglect, and that is perfectly fine.

During the three years my best friend and I shared a flat – and even long after that, until it became a luxury neither of us could afford – I used to buy him Clinique’s Men’s range, later changing to more affordable and widely available ranges. Even body lotion brands have variants specifically for men. You have to admit, ladies, there’s something extremely alluring about a man that looks good, smells nice, and clearly takes care of himself.

So for interest sake, I have a little survey that I’d love for you to fill out – please share with your friends, family, and colleagues; the more responses I get, the more accurate a view we can have. I’ll share the findings (if I get enough responses) in about two weeks’ time.

Male grooming


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