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Freyja Natural founder Justine reached out to find out if I’d be interested in trying some of her products – thanks, Justine.

About Freyja Natural

“In Norse Mythology, the goddess Freyja is associated with love, beauty and destiny. As a range of 100% natural, handmade products, Freyja Natural combines the very best that nature has to offer. The range of all-natural goodness is formulated in such a way that ensures all products are gentle on the skin yet effective in the nourishment of the body, mind and soul.”

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Good for you, good for nature

Justine sent me the vanilla body scrub, bath salts and hand wash. There are no additives, anti-clumping agents or preservatives in these products. Because of this, the bath salts became compacted, but it’s easy to loosen it up. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have a couple of lumps in my bath salt (which will dissolve anyway) than something that’s potentially toxic to nature.

Salts may harden over time with exposer to air and moisture. Take a spoon, stir them up or give it a good shake. Put a handful in a warm bath.

Good enough to eat

I’m not saying you could or should eat these products just because they’re natural, but after soaking in my warm vanilla bath and a good rub of the body scrub all over I smelled like a cupcake. The scrub is made with sugar and coconut oil, meaning it exfoliates your body gently while moisturising it and can be used daily.

I am not a fan of body moisturisers. I might still use hand lotion, but I absolutely hate any kind of body lotion, butter or oil. In an effort to keep my body from looking like a decade-old piece of biltong, I use a shower oil. Because of my lotion aversion I was not a fan of the scrub. It’s very effective – again you have some solidification – gently scrubbing away dead skin and leaving a lightly moisturising film on the skin. That’s the part that drove me crazy. I know people who’d love this, but not me. Objectively though, it’s a good scrub, delivering what you’d expect.

Handy wash

Freyja Natural’s hand wash is a definite favourite. Again, because it’s a natural product you should expect some separation but a good shake fixes that. I LOVE that this handwash isn’t thick or overly soapy – that alone I believe makes it less drying to your skin. It also contains wheat germ oil, which further makes for happy skin. Don’t expect a lot of foam, but do know that it doesn’t mean your hands are less clean. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

Freyja for men

Freyja Natural SITC men hamper

Justine also graciously gave me a couple of products from her men’s range. I had to explain to Grant that the muscle rub is like commercial warming muscle rubs which I know he can’t use, but it’s all-natural and should be fine for him to use. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any feedback on that because he hasn’t used any of that yet. Very different priorities, obviously. But yay that there are also man-centric options!

Visit the Freyja Natural website to see the full range of products and to order some goodies for yourself and the Grant in your life.


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