Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP-3 prints perfect pics

I got to play with the Instax SHARE SP-3 for a couple of weeks and it was so much fun!

I invited my colleagues to print a couple of pics each and the film cartridges were soon spent.

What is the SP-3?

The Instax SHARE SP-3 is a portable little printer that turns your smartphone pics to instax prints in a few seconds. The nice thing is that unlike an instax camera you can print existing images.

There’s an app for that

Once you’ve downloaded the instax SHARE app you can print images from your social media accounts or your phone’s photo gallery. You can then edit the pic, crop it, add a filter and about 13 seconds later you have your print.

You might have to keep an eye on the printer because it’s so quiet you might not realise it’s printing!

And the reprint button on the side means you can quickly print multiples of the same image for groups.

Why choose the SP-3?

I think the “novelty” of a tangible print of a memory or special person is what appeals to people and have led to the resurgence of instax equipment.

The instax SHARE SP-3 retails for about R3 100 and film goes for ±R180 for a cartridge of 10 prints. Shop around for the best deal on film and buy in bulk.


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