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I am the worst at skin care. Once in a while I’ll get a bee in my bonnet and decide to cleanse, exfoliate, mask and moisturise, but those moments are very few and far between. So when a beautician tells me that my skin looks pretty good, I feel a lot less guilty about my tardiness.

A couple of weeks ago Megan Duguid invited me to experience a Skin Doctors facial. Megan is an advanced health and skincare therapist who specialises in holistic treatments, anti-aging and advanced skin treatments.
Skin Doctors is a cosmoceutical skin care range from Australia. It’s developed in conjunction with leading research institutes and cosmetic surgeons.

What makes this facial different, is that the mask is massaged into your skin rather than being left on your face for ten minutes and rinsed off. The moisturiser is then layered onto this and the result is smooth and radiant skin.

The treatment itself is everything you expect from a facial. After making sure I was comfortable, Megan started with a cleanse followed by exfoliation and steam treatment, extraction and then building up the moisture levels.
Megan’s treatment room is centrally based in Bryanston, and is open six days a week. Pressed for time, or budget straining? You can still get the benefit of a professional facial – Megan is a firm believer of giving the client an experience that suits their schedules and doesn’t break the bank.

If you’re better at a skin routine than I am, and you love discovering new products and trying new treatments, get in touch with Megan.


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