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I really dislike winter. But I love my little bed. It really is a small little thing, but it is a fabulous place to spend my free time in winter, partly thanks to the Full Body Pillow I got myself from Granny Goose a short while after my back operation in 2007.

The Full Body Pillow is similar to their Cuddle-up Pillow – a full-length L-shaped pillow filled with medium firm duck down and feather – but without the “L” bit. I’ve named my pillow George, and we’re almost inseparable – winter and summer.


After the operation I tried everything – a standard pillow was too big and had an awkward shape to sleep with between my knees; turning over was an epic battle of covers. Then I got one of those hourglass-shaped knee separators; that kind of slipped out from between my knees when I turned over unless I kept my knees firmly clutched together (not something I tend to do when I sleep). Next was a kind of space-pillow: a floppy cylinder filled with what I imagine to be tiny balls – similar to polystyrene, but more resilient (maybe I should slaughter it and investigate the mystery balls); since it lacked firmness, the filling would kind of disperse, and my legs on either side would be parted, while my knees snuggled through the dodgy fabric.

­I’m aware all of this paints a very glamorous image, with absolutely no innuendo 😐

Finally, I resorted to scrunching up the duvet and curling my body around that. It worked well, except I can’t sleep if I’m not covered. By my duvet. So I decided to invest in George. It was the best decision I’ve ever made! He’s very versatile and provides excellent back support when not in use to align the stupid lower body when I sleep. He provides some extra heat, and although he doesn’t cuddle back, he’s a great comfort after a terrible day when I just want to cry myself to sleep. The best part is, he’s completely machine washable AND can go in the tumble dryer.

I’ve bought two other (as yet unnamed) pillows from Granny Goose too. I suppose, strictly speaking, the Couch-Mate isn’t really a pillow, although it looks like a scatter cushion. What it really is, is a well-disguised happy nap – you simply unfold it to reveal a small comforter with a pouch to keep your feet warm and toasty in. I think I should go dig them out of storage and bring them to the office; Jo’burg winters are particularly nasty.


Don’t let the chill spoil your down time: visit Granny Goose and stock up on lovely fluffy feather and down goodies to keep you warm and happy this winter.


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