Get a vitamin boost with VÖOST

Last Saturday I participated in the Neon Run in Pretoria. Why, I hear you ask? I asked myself that a few times too.  Well, VÖOST –  a new range of effervescent vitamins invited me, and provided me with some of their vitamins to help me prepare. And when my nephew heard “neon” he had his heart set on going.

But back to my sponsors. Distributed through trusted health brand Vital, VÖOST is a new international brand that is passionate about all things effervescent. They are currently offering five vitamin options in tubes of 10 effervescent tablets: Vitamin C (blood orange flavour), Vitamin B (apricot peach flavour, my absolute favourite; the only non-citrus flavour), Calcium + D (natural – as opposed to? – orange flavour), Magnesium (natural citrus – very non-specific – flavour), and a Multivitamin (orang flavour; apparently not natural).


With the exception of the Magnesium, I’ve tried them all. It got me thinking: why, generally speaking, are effervescent tablets almost always  some kind of citrus (or all the citrus, in Magnesium) flavour?

Okay, back to the vitamins. I feel… well, not ill, not tired, not sickly. But to be honest it’s not necessarily due to the vitamins, although it can’t do any harm. I was worried about getting a bit of a cold following the Neon Run. There was a cool breeze out and we were all sweaty. Fortunately, no sniffles or throat tickles.

At the very least, VÖOST is a pleasant way to stay hydrated. I’m not fond of water, but adding an effervescent tablet makes it much more enjoyable.

All and all, I really only have one dislike of the VÖOST range. The price. At R44.99 each (Vitamin C at R41.99) it seems reasonable, except that only gets you 10 effervescent tablets. That makes a month’s supply rather pricey. My preferred multivitamin, although not effervescent, is by no means a cheap option, but I can get almost two months’ supply for R200, so I’ll be sticking to that.

If however you need to give your current supplement a bit of a boost, VÖOST is definitely a good option, and should be available at all pharmacies, as well as online.


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