Getting a little sentimental with Sodastream

Sodastream Source MetalI’ve received a Sodastream Source Metal soda maker from the brand’s agency. I was not asked to blog about it.

All of my happiest childhood memories originate from the times I visited my grandparents. My grandfather loved gags and gadgets and one gadget we grandchildren loved best, was the futuristic Sodastream machine. Carbonated cold drinks you could make yourself!

Many years later my grandparents moved out of their big house and having to down-scale their possessions, the Sodastream found a new home in Pretoria. I’m not sure what happened afterwards, but life eventually turned Sodastream-less… Until recently.

The Sodastream team must be clairvoyant (or follow me very closely on social media) because I needed some happy and a few bubbles could do the trick. It’s not just the bubbles though, it’s the whole experience. You fill the bottle to the mark, lock it into the machine, push down the button, and smile at the *pssshaaah* whoosh of bubbles when you release the bottle. Then there’s the taste of happiness: cola, orange, creme soda. Now there are more modern flavours: cosmopolitan, piña colada, strawberry daiquiri, mojito – all delectable in their virginal formats.

sodacaps_uk_cocktails_mix_pack_3d_1The flavours are also available in perfectly measured-out capsules. In addition to what I’ve tasted, there are also sports, energy and ice tea syrups available and the peach ice tea in particular is on my list of flavours to try.

Undoubtedly one of the best things about having a Sodastream is that it is load-shedding resistant, seeing as it uses a gas cylinder. You’ll never lack for a refreshing drink or bubbles – even in the dark.

I’m so thrilled to have a piece of my childhood in my own kitchen, and can’t wait for summer to thoroughly host my pity parties for one complete with fizzy cocktails.


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