Gift idea: Hendrick’s Gin Secretarium of the Cucumber gift pack

I’m interrupting my local craft gin series for an urgent message brought to you by my favourites, Hendrick’s Gin. This lovely gift was delivered to me recently.

For thousands of centuries, the Secret Order of Cucumberati, holders of the ineffable Cucumber Wand and supreme keepers of the juniper triangle, have been the guardians of esoteric knowledge. Long have we held true to the spirit of the cucumber and guarded its moist mysteries, yet now we are unlocking the doors to our antechamber. We are now willing to share all the accoutrements you require to perform the ritual of the Teacup in the Sky.

OK, so basically, head over to your nearest retailer of fine spirits, and get yourself one of these Hendrick’s Gin Secretarium of Cucumber gift packs. In fact, get three, so you have a complete set of tea cups. Recommended to retail at R399, you can even get one as a gift for someone else. After all, sharing is caring.


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