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I finally got around to visiting Ginger & Fig in Pretoria, which recently celebrated its first birthday. My brother, nephew and I visited them for brunch. While their menu seemed a little exotic for my nephew, he was thoroughly impressed with their homemade vanilla rooibos ice tea, and their vanilla sponge cake with a caramel-chocolate ganache filling and vanilla cream icing. (I had a taste of the cake too, naturally, and it was absolutely divine!)

Seeing as both of us love a good cup of coffee (even cold coffee on a hot day) and have killer sweet teeth, my brother and I both opted for the milk jam iced latte. Milk jam, if you’re wondering, is dulce de leche a caramel sauce, sinful as you can get.

French toast with caramelised applesI’m a sucker for French toast, and naturally, that was what I ordered. I got caramelised apples rather than bananas, but fortunately, I didn’t mind that too much. I imagine it is better with the banana, but I still enjoyed it. The bread – oh my goodness! Amazing, it’s all I can say. The French toast was served with nitrate-free bacon (not my favourite, I like the salty smokiness of the apparently unhealthy bacon version), a drizzling of milk jam, and a generous sprinkling of almonds.

Blue cheese burger with sweet potato chipsMy brother had the blue cheeseburger, and it genuinely seemed like the best meal he’d ever had. I was surprised that he opted for the sweet potato chips, but he loved it.

There is free wifi, indoor and outdoor seating, and the service is friendly and very efficient. I get that they are aiming for unpretentious and honest food, but I do think they could improve on their presentation.

Have you been to G&F? What is your favourite item on their menu?


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