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Another Gauteng native, Ginologist, has a secret distilling scientist, who crafts three distinct gins in their scientific distillery. And while they’re based in GP, they don’t let borders limit their passion – or experimentation.

Information: Ginologist


Origin: Boksburg (Johannesburg)
Volume: 750ml
ABV: 43%

Fl Recipe 01 floral 
“An aromatic bouquet accentuated by rose geranium and orange blossom so soft and playful that it comes with a license to thrill”

Ci ricpe 02 citrus 
“Lime, grapefruit and a hint of lemon combine to create the most delightfully refreshing gin imaginable.”

Sc recipe 03 spice
“A truly unique blend of the finest spices including black pepper and grains of paradise, complimented by cassia bark, cardamom and coriander.”

*Above descriptions from the Ginologist website.

Image: Ginologist

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  1. Nick Taliakis

    Hi Martha
    Would you please changer the Ginologist address to 1 Fox street. ‘Old Johannesburg’ where we have moved our distillery and opened a gin & cocktail bar called: Little Fox.



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