GLOW at any occasion

Cadbury GLOW is the perfect gift for most people. But there are some people who are complete puzzles when it comes to gifting.

It’s usually quite easy if you know the person, but sometimes even knowing someone for almost two decades doesn’t matter if gift-giving doesn’t come naturally to you. A memorable gift is just four steps away.

What is the occasion?

Knowing why a gift is expected helps narrow it down. For your friend’s housewarming, get something homey – like one of those awesome reversible sequin pillows. If she doesn’t like the colour, swipe to the other side. If she doesn’t like either colour, at the very least it will provide hours of mindless fun.

What stands out about the person?

Foodie? Techie? Avid reader? There is at least one thing that person does a lot or talks about a lot. I think I’m pretty easy to buy gifts for. As long as it’s not bath or body products (doesn’t apply to spa treatments/visits; I loooove those!), chances are I’ll like it. Does your foodie prefer eating to cooking? Take them to one of those exclusive multi-course dinners. Or just a normal meal at their favourite spot. Tech can be pricey, but it doesn’t have to be. Apple users will probably be thrilled to get a new lightning cable. Otherwise, default to novelty earphones. You get the picture.

The element of surprise

Okay, so there doesn’t always have to be a step one (as above). Maybe a colleague is having a terrible day, or you miss your mom, or you want your favourite person to know you’re thinking of them. In these instances pretty much any gift will be appreciated – a choc-chip cookie the size of a dinner plate, posting a video of their favourite song on their Facebook wall, sending them a handwritten note. Just because is sometimes the best occasion.

Always have a plan B

Because you know how the post office is, you might see your person before they see the note you mailed. And while your company alone should be enough of a gift 😉 it never hurts to have chocolate on hand. Cadbury GLOW is not only delicious, the packaging is very impressive.

I think I’m pretty good at buying gifts for the people that matter. And I get so excited to see their reaction that I want to give it to them immediately.  If you battle to get the perfect gift more often than not, visit CadburyDairyMilkSA on Facebook and Cadbury_SA on Twitter for more tips and tricks on gifting.


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