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A while ago I received a mail from Tamerin at Goddess Vibes, inviting me to try out her personalised, one-on-one Power Plate workout for a month.

I had two reservations:

  1. Exercise
  2. Powerplates are just a money-making, mind-scrambling scam.

Fortunately, Tamerin likes a challenge, and before I could give it much thought I had agreed to a Saturday morning session.

powerplateTamerin’s studio is at the back of a beauty salon in Parkmore with a view of the back garden. It is completely private and perfect for women who don’t like going to the gym because of all the people – it’s just you and Tamerin. And the Power Plate, of course.

A typical session consists of a quick catch-up of how you’ve been doing since the last session, followed by stretching on the Power Plate. Because the vibrations increase blood flow to the surface of your skin, you will feel itchy. Don’t scratch (easier said than done, but you get used to it, and it becomes less with each session as your body starts to naturally maintain the improved circulation). Following the warm-up session, you will start exercising specific body zones – legs, arms, core, etc. Tamerin keeps a close eye on you to ensure your form is right and you don’t injure yourself. And you work at your own pace.

The final part of the session is a massage, where Tamerin sets the Power Plate to it’s highest vibration to help break up the lactic acid and prevent you from being unable to move the next day.

When I left after my first session I was still sceptic. Sure I was a little out of breath, but I was after all super unfit and a confirmed couch potato. The next day I felt that I did indeed move in ways my body wasn’t used to, but it wasn’t so bad that I just wanted to stay in bed crying. During my next session, Tamerin took a few measurements and made some dietary recommendations.

Female-Deep-Squat_webWhat I find encouraging about Tamerin’s programme, is that you get your gym membership, a personal trainer, dietician and a cheerleader all in one. Tamerin advises at least one session a week and initial membership of three months. Your first trial session is free to ensure it really is something you want to do. And pretty much anyone can do this exercise routine; the exceptions are pregnant women and those with serious medical conditions.

Three weeks later we did measurements again. Despite one week of salad (during which everyone around me begged me to eat some carbs so I could be nicer) I didn’t really adjust my diet. There was cake at least once a week, the quick convenience of sandwiches, and of course my pasta staple. I also missed a week of training due to a crazy schedule. The results: I had lost about a centimetre across each of the parts Tamerin measures, almost 11 cm in total.

‎It is definitely something I would continue doing. The pricing works on a sliding scale – the more sessions you book per week, the cheaper it works out, and there are no lengthy contracts you can’t get out (minimum three-month sign-up is reasonable).

In addition to the free trial, if you tell Tamerin you read about Goddess Vibes on Syllable in the City, she’ll add an extra complimentary session in with your three-month contract. You can also treat yourself to a facial or mani at the salon to reward yourself for your hard work, just saying 😉


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