Hair today, gone tomorrow

So let’s talk hair. Just before Christmas last year I went full mermaid: blue, pink, purple. It was glorious. Being naturally introverted I wasn’t too crazy about the attention my hair drew – I think we’re a little behind in South Africa with fully embracing beauty trends like these. But I loved how my hair looked.

Syllable in the City mermaid

Two months ago I turned platinum roots with blue balayage. My bed linen turned blue, my neck and shoulders were stained blue, but I was thrilled.

Inevitably, the constant bleaching ruined my hair and scalp, and I got fed up with my hair’s texture. It didn’t fall in curls any longer. So, despite the fact that the platinum and blue could go another month before retouching, I went to my hairdresser for the big chop. She had a bob in mind. I had a clipper with a number eight head in mind. She was thrilled when I told her to stop trying to get things even at the back, because it’s still too long and my naturally curly hair will drive me mad; bring out the clipper for real.

Syllable in the City platinum blue balayage

We got rid or 99.99% of the blue (I just have a tiny little splash near the front left; I kind of like it; it’s like a little reminder of my wild hair days – literally) and it’s still mostly platinum. But it’s a fresh start. It’s my natural hair colour and unprocessed, undamaged hair that will lead to loads of new opportunities.

Syllable in the City platinum pixie

It’s just hair, and yes, the amount of times I’ve coloured it and shaved it and hot curled it, it is a bit of a wonder I still have any left. It will grow back and longer if that’s what I choose to do, and I already know what colour I want to try out next. My stylist say I may tint, but not bleach anymore. That’s cool with me.

Speaking about hair though, have a look at what the smart people over at Salons Direct think your hair colour says about you. This probably refers to natural hair – if you can remember what that even is. Tell me about your hair colour adventures.









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