Hangry? Happy.Me has happy mood food too!

We’ve all had that feeling of wanting to punch someone because you had to skip breakfast, and now everything seems to be going wrong. That’s the unhappy intersection of anger and hungry, resulting in you feeling HANGRYYes, being hangry is a very, very real thing!

Hangry Happy Me


Happy deliFortunately Happy.Me can lift your mood – not only with their delicious mixology drinks, but also with their mouthwatering range of deli foods and snacks. You can grab breakfast, panini sandwiches/wraps, or salads – ready-made from the fridge, or build your own dish from the fresh ingredients.

Salads are priced between R41 and R44, and are made fresh in-store. Choose between a Japanese Soba Noodle Salad (which has fresh greens, seaweed, soba noodles, tofu, and a soba-and-sesame dressing), Spring Greens – salad, panini, or wrap (fresh greens, mixed vegetables, herbs, feta, sundried tomatoes, balsamic reduction, and osmanthus mayo), or my absolute favourite: Chicken Pesto Salad – also available is a wrap/panini (fresh greens, Moroccan chicken, bacon, mint, feta, rocket, pesto, and osmanthus mayo).

The wraps/paninis go for between R43 and R45. Aside from the Spring Greens and Chicken Pesto options, you can also get a Chorizo and Mozarella Panini (fresh greens, chorizo, mozarella, and rocket pesto) and a breakfast wrap (fresh greens, bacon, scrambled eggs, and osmanthus mayo).

I have to admit that I have no idea what osmanthus mayo is other than delicious.

There is also something for the sweet-toothed beasts: glutten free muffis, also baked on the premises. At R25 each you can choose between banana matcha, blueberry and vanilla, carrot rooibos, and Nutella chocolate. I’ve tried the latter and it is a dense parcel of deliciousness, topped with the perfect amount of icing; that makes it a cupcake as far as I am concerned, but I’ve never been one for labels. Other than delicious, which it naturally is 🙂

A photo posted by Martha (@syllcity) on

The generously sized R10 cookies (orange zest and espresso, Belgian chocolate and macadamia, Belgian chocolate and cranberry, dark and white chocolate chip) look so tempting! I’m also curious about the Dulce de leche mini waffles and Madagascan vanilla custard puffs. If you’re not drooling after reading this far, there must be something wrong with you.

I have decided that in the interest of accurate reporting, I will selflessly try every pastry, cookie, and muffin from Happy.Me – except maybe the cranberry bit (not a fan at all). That might mean I will have to get off the couch more often to avoid turning cookie-shaped myself, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make 😛

Oh, and if you want to create your own Happy.Me tea experience at home, simply pick up a little tub of popping pearls and you’re ready to rock!

Happy pearls

Have you tried any of the yummy treats from Happy.Me? Which one is top of your list?

Thanks to Nafisa for the pics, taken at Happy.Me in Fourways.



  1. Kirsty

    Thank you for clearing this up Martha. I have lived with Hangry-ness (Hanger?) all my life, my husband thinks I’m just psychotic about food.

    I now have the facts.

    Happy.Me looks divine, I can’t believe I work just 15 minutes from this heaven.

    • Martha van Zyl

      Hanger is a very real condition, Kirsty. And yes, Happy.Me is fantastic. They’ve challenged me to create Christmas decorations using Happy.Me cups, so if you do get bubble tea, don’t throw out your cups; I’ll make a plan to get them from you. You are also welcome to join me on Saturday 13 December 11:00 at 1 Fox The Sheds, where I’ll be having Happy.Me with a few friends to celebrate my birthday and collect cups 🙂


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