Happy birthday to two phenomenal women

Genevieve is the poster child for the saying “dynamite comes in small packages”; she can get anything done and is always friendly and fashionable (except for going to the Justin Bieber concert, but each to his own ;)).

I met Helena 14 years ago, and she’s had a huge impact on my life; if not for her insight and assistance I don’t know where I’d be now. She’s our book club convener, and like me, have a weakness for great shoes.

And I’ve recently discovered shoestrology, and decided to dedicate a shoe post to the birthday girls today.

Shoestrology 11 May

“Hello, Twinkletoes. This gold T-strap pump makes a sparkly statement with each step, just as your personality sprinkles pixie dust over all who come into your sphere. Ornate, but never gaudy, you are the walking definition of festive refinement. You believe that life should be shared and celebrated with wonderful people as often as possible. You are a superconductor of electrifying personalities and magical beings, who you seem to meet at every turn. As such, you often find yourself choreographing large gatherings around your magnificent hearth.

Kick it up: refined, enchanting, festive

Step it down: overcommitted, fickle”


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