Hendrick’s Gin isn’t your average gin

Hendricks GinHendrick’s Gin is distilled with a unique mix of botanicals before being infused with rose and cucumber. It creates a flavour unlike any other gin in the world.

That explains why a delivery of Hendrick’s Gin came accompanied by a rose bush and a packet of cucumber seeds. It’s been over a week, and I’ve managed to keep the rose alive, so there’s hope. Let’s be honest, I’m much better at drinking gin than I am at gardening.

What’s your poison and how to mix it

While everyone is most likely familiar with the classic gin and tonic, there are a host of cocktails waiting to be discovered in the Hendrick’s Gin Treasury of Tipples, ranging from Punch o’ Clock to Noonday Revivers and everything in between.

Hendricks Gin

Selecting the Noonday Revivers will bring up results like the Hendrick’s Gin G & T, the Corpse Reviver, Forenoon Fizz, Martinez Cocktail, Red Snapper and the Flora Dora.

You could also use the selector below the Occasion Clock. Choose from characteristics such as fizzy, creamy, floral, herbal, and more. Establish your skill level, and select how dry or sweet you’d like your tipple to be. Once you find the drink that tickles your fancy, you’re ready to get down to business.

Hendricks Gin

As you can see, I’m drawn to simplicity: good gin, good tonic, twist of lemon – although I can definitely recommend enjoying with a few slices of cucumber. I also think a dash of rosewater could work. Another of my favourite gin cocktails is a dry martini.

Hendricks Gin

I recently also discovered that after disliking it throughout my whole childhood, ginger ale is delicious… provided it’s used as a mixer and served with a lot of ice. And just like the simplicity of a G & T, it doesn’t require any fancy equipment, shaking or related bar shenanigans. If that’s your flavour too, may I suggest you try the Flora Dora – perfect for the summer; best enjoyed pool-side or somewhere with a spectacular view. Or maybe especially after you’ve tended to the garden: pruning the roses, watering the cucumbers.

Hendricks Gin

All illustrations taken from the Hendrick’s Gin website.


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