House hunting should be a blood sport by Jade Mitchell

hunterThis week is all about share content from other sources and guest contributors. Today’s post is courtesy of Jade, a colleague who often sports stationary in her hair and can justify the consumption of alcohol any time of the day; both of those are excellent qualities, in my opinion, 😀

She’s currently house hunting with her significant other, and through their ordeals, Jade has put together a list of things to consider when considering a relocation of residence. Read her tips and the reasons why she thinks “house hunting should be a blood sport“. Here’s an excerpt:

I would rather scrape the mildew off my bathroom tiles with my teeth than have to painstakingly arrange the sad parade of disappointing viewings that I have come to associate with house hunting again. But what can you do?

Share your house-hunting disasters with us (so we can laugh and point feel better about what Jade has to put up with).

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