I need some sleep

The last two nights have been very short. Yesterday morning I woke at 02:30 with a headache and what I can only describe as a hangover from the migraine meds I took the previous night for the incessant throbbing on the right side of my skull that plagued me the whole of Wednesday. I contemplated taking another dose of the meds, but it appeared that being upright resolved the pain. So I stacked up some pillows and hoped to get a little bit of rest before my alarm went off at 05:30. Of course that didn’t happen.

Last night I finally crashed at 21:00, only to wake up at 23:00 and again at 02:00, only drifting in and out of sleep after that. I’m trying not to be grumpy, but I feel a little emotionally fragile. And of course I found an infographic related to sleep! So for Infographic Friday: How to nap 🙂

How To Take The Perfect Nap

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

I think you can guess what I’ve got planned for this weekend. Have you got some beauty sleep scheduled?


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