Instax Link WIDE for larger-than-life instant prints

The Instax Link WIDE was sent to me for a few days to play with. This smartphone printer offers the largest instant print photos to ensure no one gets cut off.

The philosophy behind the Instax Link WIDE is cramming in the full experiences with friends, so nothing gets left out of the memory. Printed through the mobile app, you can enhance your Instax Link WIDE prints with personalisation like stickers and QR codes.

Instax Link WIDE features

Download the app, and choose pics from your camera roll, choose the perfect frame from your favourite video, choose a rich or natural colour output, or print several copies in one go.

But one of the things I like best? The QR modes. And I’m one of those people who absolutely hated QR codes when they first seemed like the next big thing about a decade ago.

With Instax Link WIDE’s QR modes, you can add a secret message to your image, a secret location, a special sound bite, or a link to your favourite site.

Imagine setting up a treasure hunt, with each picture being a clue that includes a location pin. Or, hear me out, one-of-a-kind business card.

I mean, how many business cards do you actually hand out from the hundreds you have printed? Now you can print out a business card with an image relating to a specific meeting, throw on your website with a QR code, and simply scribble your name and phone number on the back with a permanent marker.

Should you shake it?

I don’t know. I mean, it is Instax. And whether it makes a difference or not, I couldn’t resist a cheeky snap or two. It’s extremely easy to use the Instax Link WIDE through the mobile app, and you can take the printer on the go.


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