Janus and Nimue get under your skin for a healthy glow

About a week ago I gave up on my beauty routine; I was crying most of it off, and especially my night time products are pretty expensive. So I didn’t see much of a point in it.

My general apathy lifted when I got to the Beauty and Wellbeing expo. While I’m still being very frugal, I did want to treat myself to something nice – product or experience; something not “every day”. We were given vouchers to redeem a free lip gloss at the Nimue stand, and when we reached it, we were informed that we could also get a skin analysis, mini facial, as well as skin and beauty products, AND a discount voucher for a Nimue salon treatment, at the greatly discounted price of just R350. That was a bargain, but it wasn’t the price that sold me, it was Janus.

Getting up close and personal with Janus
Getting up close and personal with Janus

You stick your face into this space-age camera-goody, and it takes a series of photos, which your therapist will use to determine the right product range for your skin type. Happily, Janus declared that wrinkles aren’t an issue for me and that dehydration is my biggest problem. Sure I knew all of that before, but let’s be honest, when it comes to beauty and skincare, I’m not an expert.

I was given a pair of surgical gloves, and after a few minutes struggling to get my fingers where they’d ought to be, the fun began. I love that it was a do-it-yourself experience under professional supervision. The one product the therapist applied and removed was a mild peel, which is only available in-salon.

After my visit to the Nimue stand, and walking away with my fantastic bag of goodies (which included a few lip glosses and lipsticks – both products moisturising, although not particularly long-lasting), my skin felt amazing, and I honestly felt like it helped me not quite look the age I am (I’m fortunate that I’m generally judged younger, whether because of my appearance or behaviour, I’m not always sure :P).

I can also happily report back that my skin has not broken out (as it has done in the past with a variety of upmarket products). I’m thrilled to have made Janus’s acquaintance, and even more chuffed with my goodies. I’m back on a nightly beauty routine and wearing makeup again (almost) daily. After all, I have several new shades of lipstick to try out 🙂

*Thanks to Nafisa for the pic.

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