Lay’s brings back the Mmm with their Deli chips

One of the perks of being single and living on your own is that sometimes, when you feel like having a tin of creamed sweetcorn for dinner, straight from the tin, that’s completely acceptable – commendable even, since you save on doing dishes, wasting water, etc. But there are times when you want something with a bit of crunch and a lot of flavour. Lay’s Deli range is the answer.

I was sent each of the four new flavours (probably not for dinner, and I’ll admit to having some for breakfast too), and snacking will never be the same again!


Lay’s Deli range is kettle cooked and available (in order of personal preference) in creamy peppered fillet, cream cheese and jalapeño, sundried tomato and olive, and cheese gratin and caramelised onion. I’ve never before tasted crisps with such authentic, intense, and well-balanced flavours.

So next time you’re out to buy groceries, why not pop a few packets of Lay’s Deli crisps in your basket. Chippies have never been this delicious 😉

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  1. Wisaal Anderson

    Lovely seeing you yesterday. The blog looks superb! W


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