Laundry goals: LG Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter

Christmas came early this year when LG gave my mom a Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter washing machine. I’m so jealous that I don’t have space to keep it for myself – this machine is a wonder!

With a 17kg capacity, you can do a small army’s daily laundry. Or a week’s washing for a family of three. My mom loves the sounds and tunes the machine make to let you know it’s finished (watch to the end below). The tech inside is pretty impressive too.

What makes the Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter so smart?

There are a few things that makes this a dream to use – you don’t even have to be a domestic goddess (although it will make you feel like one).

  • Smart Inverter Technology controls energy use, meaning it’s gentle on your pocket and the environment.
  • The Smart Inverter also creates something LG calls Smart Motion – three kinds of motions (agitating, rotating, swing) that ensures your laundry is washed in just the right way for the type of fabric it is.
  • The TurboDrumâ„¢ promises the most powerful wash to remove even the toughest dirt. It delivers a strong water stream through the rotating drum and pulsator working in the opposite direction.
  • With LoDecibelâ„¢ and Less Vibration, this stable machine is a lot more durable than others on the market, and comes with a 10-year motor warranty.

The shock-resistant, anti-scratch and wide-viewing Diamond Glass top is a bit of awesomeness of its own. There’s no risk of the lid slamming down – it’s the kind of chill most of us can only aspire to. And for the first few washes I was absolutely mesmerised by watching the waterfalls.

Getting started with the Smart Inverter

Once it’s installed and ready to be put to work, there are some things you should know in order to operate this technologcial wonder. The easy bit is throwing in your washing, adding the detergent and softner as usual. Then follow these steps closely:

  1. Touch the power button to switch it on.
  2. Press the start/pause button.
  3. Watch as the machine weighs the load, determine the duration of the wash, and then fill up from the waterfalls (fascinating stuff, I tell you).

Of course, if you’re a bit of an A-type personality and like to be in control, you can push all the buttons:

  • Soil level
  • Temperature
  • Water level
  • Minutes of washing
  • Number of times to rinse
  • Spin intensity
  • Program type
  • Prewash options

One of my personal favourite features of modern washing machines, is the delayed start. I feel like I’m being extra productive when I wake up and my laundry’s just finished washing.

If only the rest of my life was as efficient, stable and good-looking as the LG Sapience Top Loader, I’d be winning.

Get your own little domestic win. Check out the Smart Inverter here.



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