Lights out, full throttle

Lights out, full throttle gives readers a glimpse of F1 from inside the cockpit and out. I posted this review on my Substack. If you’re interested in F1 or just my silly thoughts about this incredible sport, please subscribe to that newsletter.

Recently, having an Audible credit and an idle mind, I stumbled across this book by Johnny Herbert and Damon Hill. I really enjoyed their commentary when I still watched the races on Sky Sports F1 (I’ve since moved to F1 TV Pro). Anyway, I decided this could be interesting, and all I can say is that was an understatement.

The book was published in mid-June 2021 and discussed the entire history of the sport, from when Damon’s dad Graham Hill raced, to the 2019 season. I really do recommend the audiobook, hearing Damon and Johnny tease each other and commiserate. It was a fun and insightful listen.

My favourite chapter (14): The perennial problems of overtaking, or the lack of it, in F1. In this, the chaps discuss Max’s driving style and in particular how Charles will respond to it. It also focuses on DRS and its necessity. Considering the current season’s trends, I found this particularly interesting. They also mention Michael Masi, his role, and commend him for his efforts.

I was surprised by how engaging I also found chapter 15, during which the two discuss the more technical elements of F1 cars in a way anyone can understand. I mean, I did, and I enjoyed being able to make sense of things.

In however many degrees of separation, my personal racing expert, Grant Orbell knows Martin Brundle and Johnny Herbert. Which is not to say I know either, but I like to pretend I know people who know people.

This was a great way to fill the last two days after quali and the race, which were done and dusted around 09:00. It is very entertaining, you’ll learn about the sport, a whole lot about the drivers through the ages, and have a good giggle too.

Get Lights Out, Full Throttle: The Good, the Bad and the Bernie of Formula One on Audible today.


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