Little green grasshopper

GnomeIn a previous post I mentioned that I want to get a grasshopper tattoo, and that I’ll explain why. A friend once thought it is to symbolise my wanderlust, which is a fair and reasonable assumption, but not the first reason I’d provide.

I’ve written about my grandfather and how he told us fantastical stories as children. He made us the heroes in these tales with fairies, witches, and gnomes. The basis of these stories were his friendship with the king of the gnomes. They met when they were both young boys and my grandfather helped the gnomes fight several wars against the evil witches, helped to heal the old king, and many other great adventures. Because of this, my grandfather and his kin became the sworn enemies of the witches, who vowed to avenge their defeat. But my grandfather’s gnome friend, Koning Lafras, would always stand guard over us and protect us. He would shape shift into the form of a green grasshopper so that we will be able to recognise him.

I loved my grandfather more than any other person in my life. We had a special connection. When he passed away almost 18 years ago, I knew it, felt it, before anyone told me.

As remembrance, for my heritage as enemy of Deborah Slymstok and Petronella Trommel, I want to always carry my protector with me – it would be easier to explain than some of the other talismans/rituals that sprouted from these stories 🙂

(I do wish it was a prettier/cuter creature!)

The above grasshopper image comes from a website with even more amazing photos. Be sure to check it out!


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