Lovely legs with Coverderm

A long, long time ago I used to work at a pharmacy, and one of the products I was always curious about, were the beige tubes of COVERDERM. Winter uniform meant my legs were permanently covered, and the girls behind the makeup counter had a field day painting my face.

At the recent Beauty and Wellbeing Expo I got a chance to try the Perfect Legs camouflage range for the first time. I think I have nice enough legs, but because insects like the taste of my blood and I like to scratch when I itch, they are covered in blemishes and scars (my legs, that is; not the insects – although, who knows?).

I tend to wear maxi dresses because of this (and my aversion of the futile exercise that is shaving my legs) and this was the case, but Lèzanne Lombard, COVERDERM’s CRM quickly had me seated to demonstrate the effectiveness. Aside from the blemishes I have a remarkable network of spider veins, particularly on my right leg, and this was the leg we decided to ‘make up’.

Even despite not having shaved my legs in almost a week (I’m mildly ashamed of admitting all of this, but for the sake of honesty and all, I must), the formula went on smoothly and evenly. The proof is in the picture:

Coverderm legs

I’m completely sold on this. It is waterproof (you simply set it with water) and only comes off with soap and water. It didn’t smear on or stain my sheets during the night, and the next morning I washed it off easy as anything (after spending a little more time admiring the prettiness for a while).

I also received a sample of their Maxydrat Visage moisturiser (lovely stuff), and a tube of what is probably one of my top three mascaras to date: Perfect Lashes, containing Hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, C, and E. It truly is 100% waterproof, and feels more like a wax or cream than a liquid application.

To learn more about the COVERDERM range of products, or to order online, visit their website.


  1. Oh My Papaya

    Mozzies find my blood equally delicious so I commiserate with your scabs and scars. When I wrote Take cover, I only had to rely on my own inept skills at applying the COVERDERM cream, but even then (from a distance), it looked flawless. The cream for the face is equally good but it does take practice to look natural. What pretty legs you have!

    • Syllable

      Ah thanks for popping in and leaving a comment. I am in love with how amazing this makes my legs look. I would even shave my legs for this! 🙂


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