Maybelline Baby Lips may really be lip-changing

Maybelline BabyLips CherryAs a serial lip-chewer I’m always looking for something to nourish my lips during the day. Night time’s easy, because I’m usually too busy sleeping to nibble on lips, and whatever I put on stays put and works its magic.

All the beauty bloggers in my time lines have been raving about Maybeline BABY LIPS® moisturising lip balm. So when I finally saw it at Dischem (and although the selection was direly understocked) I decided to give it a try myself.

Maybeline’s promise: “No more basic lip balm. Our exclusive formula moisturises lips for a full eight hours. Lips renewed in 1 week* (*Based on panellists’ self-evaluations)”

As a cosmetic product it’s no more expensive than other lip balms. There were only about four of the six varieties available when I purchased mine, and my fondness for cherries meant the orange tube of Cherry Me was a natural choice.

The first day I used this, I had to re-apply several times, but that’s not necessarily the product’s fault. It doesn’t taste like anything, but it definitely smells like cherries, and has a very subtle tint. I definitely saw a change in the state of my lips by the second day – this may have been because I had to reapply it even more by day two due to a severe cold, and the result of wiping my lips clean every time I wiped my nose, but it may also be due to the “exclusive” formula.  Whatever the reason, this is my new favourite – affordable, delicious-smelling, and it delivers (if only because I like applying it more than other/regular balms).

Have you tried these lip balms? Which is your favourite?


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