The Misfit Shine personal activity monitor is more than just a pretty face

Yes, it finally happened: I gave in to the intrigue of a fitness wearable. But only because this one is really pretty. And it doesn’t nag me about my food. Even one of the guys in my office said it’s really great, because it’s clean (and shiny when you tap it). And it was on loan from the great people over at Orange, so no commitment and stuff 😉

The Misfit Shine is a great device for the fitness beginner and is very versatile in how and where it can be worn. I only wore it on my left wrist using the Sport Band.

Inside the box Misfit Shine

Crafted like a piece of jewellery, Shine is a tiny disc carved from aircraft-grade aluminium, with a lovely halo of lights that light up in relation to your activity level. The device and app track a number of activities, such as sleeping, cycling, and swimming – not just walking and running. You can pre-set an activity and activate this activity by tapping the device three times before starting; Shine will automatically detect when your activity has ended. It is also water resistant up to 50 meters, so you can swim, do dishes, shower with it, etc.

misfit-shine-personal-physical-activity-monitor-charcoal-256194Setting up the device and your goals is very easy; simply download the free app (available on iOS and Android; I’ve tried both, but prefer iOS) and register your device. Then you set up your daily goal in points. You can also set a sleep goal, as Shine can monitor your sleep if you wear it to bed – ideally on your non-dominant wrist.

To sync the app and device, ensure your device’s Bluetooth is activated and follow the steps. Although Shine retains information for 30-days, it’s a good idea to sync daily, in order to better track your progress.

You can check your progress on the device if you don’t want to open the app and sync. Double-tap Shine and a cluster of lights will glow through the metal shell to indicate your progress toward your daily goal. It also functions as a watch – bonus!

Double-tapping shine

One of the best things of Shine is that there is no need to charge the device. It uses a watch battery that lasts up to four months.

The way it measures activity is also rather unique (as far as I know on this subject, in any case). While it will display the amount of steps measured, it works on a points system. Points are a way to measure physical activity, both from steps and other activities, so the more active you are, the more points you receive. So knitting while watching television earned me points 🙂 One point seems to be roughly the equivalent of 10 steps of the same amount of activity relating to 10 steps, as far as I can tell.

Shine statsAgain, according to my limited fitness wearable knowledge, most devices and apps allow you to document your meals in terms of calories consumed. Shine does not. You can take a pic of your meal, but there is not calorific value ascribed to it. This is a plus to me, because while I’m willing to be a little more active (and wearing the Shine did make me want to be active and earn more points to reach my goal), I’m not likely to change my diet – it’s not too horrendous, and besides, life’s too short to be guilted by tech.

Aside: I have managed to cut my sugar consumption by about ¾ in the last two weeks, and caffeine has been relegated to a once-a-week indulgence; go me!

I’m a little sad to be sending this one on to the next person to review, and it’s definitely being added to my Orange wish list.

Visit the Orange online store today, and choose your Misfit Shine from a range of colours. Pricing starts at R1 220* each with free delivery, and while you’re there you can also order a leather band or the Misfit Bloom necklace for greater versatility.

*Price and availability subject to change.


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