Mission Samsung round 3, challenge 3: Why I need the Samsung Smart Microwave Oven in my life

Disclaimer: The #MissionSamsung blog challenge, in conjunction with Webfluential, spans over eight months, include six challenges involving 60 bloggers who will participate in 18 missions with 13 prizes, all competing for one grand prize. In this round, the ten finalists each received a Samsung Smart Microwave Oven to complete challenges over the next three weeks. The winner will get to keep this appliance.

The last challenge is in. The separation anxiety is threatening to bubble over… but let me tell you more about the last two-and-a-bit weeks.

This blog was designed for thing like the Samsung Smart Microwave Oven. My friends have always told me that when I find something I like I can’t stop talking about it, and so, rather than subjecting them to my constant chatter, I started writing about my likes, and subjecting the few readers I have to it ­čÖé

Samsung Challenge Featured Syllable in the City

And my colleagues will tell you that since that first pizza day, given half a chance I would tell them how the super-duper oven goody – as I affectionately started referring to the Samsung Smart Microwave Oven – has impressed me. I made pizza three times in one week. But you can read all about that here.

Then the got to sample the wonder that was created inside the super-duper oven goody for themselves, when I fattened them all up┬ábrought them all some delicious Spring Day cookies. Mmm… cookies!

I have cooked more in the last almost three weeks (and eaten more, naturally), than I have the whole year to date! I have baked bread rolls, fried bacon – twice, because MIND. BLOWN! – made fish fingers and wedges, and baked apples.

Baked apples


That┬áCrusty Plate is some kind of wonder! Just like the ceramic-coated inside of the oven, this wonderfully versatile dish is cleaned with the swipe of a damp cloth. Nothing sticks to it – and you don’t even have to use additional oil when frying potato wedges!

Okay, let’s talk rationally. We all know that a microwave oven uses less energy than a conventional oven, but it lacks the crisping factor. With the┬áSamsung Smart Microwave Oven you can pre-heat the convection function in just over five minutes, which means you get all the punch of an oven, while still conserving energy. And when your food is done, the oven switches off automatically, as microwaves do, again saving energy (and dinner from being a charcoal mess).

So why should I get to keep the super-duper oven goody as my own? I live in a furnished apartment; due to some less-than-thought-through choices I have no furniture of my own, and only a few of the basic appliances – none of them as shiny or awesome as the┬áSamsung Smart Microwave Oven (no offence, toaster). As a singleton I am often too lazy to cook, resorting rather to apples and peanut butter, but because the┬áSamsung Smart Microwave Oven makes cooking fun and hassle-free, I have been behaving like a normal person someone who enjoys cooking. And I still want to try and make yogurt and jam!

To quote a popular television character, Samsung, pick me, choose me, love me. And save me from trying to figure out how to get it all snugly back into the box, and more importantly, down the stairs to my car again.


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