NESTLÉ SMARTIES has been a constant favourite throughout my life, as I’m sure it’s been for many South Africans. As a child, an ice cream with SMARTIES was the ultimate treat (by the way, I see that a certain fast-food chain is now offering their ice cream mixture with SMARTIES and I need that in my life!)

SMARTIES creates with purpose

Earlier this year, NESTLÉ SMARTIES announced their switch to 100% recyclable paper packaging globally. To celebrate this milestone, they collaborated with contemporary recycling artist, Mbongeni Buthelezi to design a digital guide for creating fun origami pieces using the brand’s recyclable paper. The aim behind this collab is to drive the brand’s #SmartiesCreateWithPurpose narrative, which is set to inspire conscious creativity by using recyclable goods.

Reduce waste

The move to 100% recyclable paper packaging is part of NESTLÉ’s dedication to transform their packaging to be more environmentally friendly. It also tangibly brings to life the ‘Repurpose’ pillar of the Nestlé ‘RE’ sustainability initiative.

I received a wonderful hamper to celebrate the #SmartiesCreateWithPurpose campaign and of course, I love me a bit of origami. Two of my favourite creations are the heart and dress. Because I’m a smarty pants who prefer to wear dresses and LOVE me a good treat that comes with wonderful memories. 

Follow the #SmartiesCreateWithPurpose creations across social media with that hashtag, grab yourself some SMARTIES and contribute to the creativity while spreading the word of sustainability AND enjoy that feeling and taste of WOTALOTIGOT.

I know there’s a warning on all SMARTIES packaging that the small sweets can be harmful for small children and you should probably supervise them eating it. I’d just be safe and eat it all myself. Also, I made it all the way to today years without any serious events involving SMARTIES as a child. So, make of that what you want J

Share your SMARTIES memories, favourite combinations, and recipes in the comments below. Oh, and if you were unable to ever eat SMARTIES without doing a SMARTIES fight, tell me about it on Twitter because you are my tribe!


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