A new beginning with Prominent Paints

Prominent Paints sent me a paint voucher earlier this year.

My mom retired recently. Before she was always anxious about weekends being too short to do everything she planned. Now she worries that there’s not enough years left for her to complete the things on her to-do list. One of the things at the top of her list: a bedroom makeover. And for that she needed paint.

The rest of this post was written by her.

Prominent Paints swatches

Collecting the paint from the Prominent Paints shop in Gezina was an experience on it’s own.  Leo was so helpful, and very patient while waiting for me to make up my mind about the colour.  I chose a beautiful blue for the main colour, and white for the stencil I had in mind.
Back home, I was really surprised with how thick the paint was when I opened the tin.  Despite stirring it really well, it remained very thick.  I thought at least I’d only need to paint one coat. But I was wrong. I had to paint three coats before the previous white did not shine through anymore.  A big advantage however, was that there was really very little mess – almost no dripping. That helps a lot when you load your paint roller in the tray on the floor, and then have to climb up a ladder with the loaded roller.


Prominent Paints before
Another advantage was that the paint made it so much easier to finish off the stencil.  All the not-so-crisp edges could be finished off beautifully.
Although this project took me much longer than planned, and I had to sleep in the middle of my bedroom for almost a week, I am very pleased with the end results. (LOL! She had to send my nephew a Whatsapp message every night to come switch off her bedroom lights – Syll)
Thank you Prominent Paints for a wonderful gift and opportunity to put new life in my previous boring bedroom.
I think it looks beautiful, and would also like to thank Prominent Paints for giving my mother a gorgeous start to this new chapter in her life. Maybe I can get the embroidery with the doves that used to hang above her bed if I ask nicely 😉 


Prominent Paints lit

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  1. Gina

    Thats gorgeous!!!


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