New house, new wish lists

WishAt the end of January, I moved into my new place – a fantastic little studio flat in a very secure complex. And while my landlady kindly supplied me with the basics, there are quite a few things I need to get to make my home even more comfortable. This time I have space to get stuff, and considering that the only things I own are a pretty red strainer and a room divider screen, I browsed the interwebs and found some really great goodies. Sure I don’t exactly need the Yuppiechef pantry box (unlike a fridge and oven), but looking at all the pretty things is part of the fun, right?

My Mr Price Home wish list has items like an extendable shoe rack (I probably need two; my shoes are the only things not unpacked yet), a pretty “Welcome” mat, a coat stand, a Damask quilt (I have a love cream couch that should probably be covered, considering my clumsy tendencies).

I of course also fantasise about Granny Goose’s feather beds, four seasons duvets, and lovely down pillows, but those are definitely in the luxury category (although I’m using a ¾ duvet on my double bed and only have one pillow).

The move itself went okay, except for the fact that it rained so much, parts of Johannesburg were flooded. And moving is hot work – especially if you do it all by yourself, and you stay up a flight of stairs (18 steps, if anyone wondered). As a result, I’m fighting off a cold that makes my throbbing head feel filled with wet cotton wool; blocked sinuses are causing my throat and ears so much pain. And I don’t seem to be able to sleep through the night, which isn’t helping my general state of mind much. So I make wish lists and registries to cheer myself up.

I’m staying well clear of Design Quarter – there’s absolutely no reason to torture myself like that, but the lure of online shops is irresistible. In the meantime, if you’re keen, feel free to head over to my Yuppiechef registry and buy me a packet of NoMU spice grinder, or something 😉


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