Pappas on the Square reveals their new look

I was invited for dinner to celebrate the relaunch of Pappas during the #PappasRefined evening.

Situated on Nelson Mandela Square, Pappas recently showed off their fresh and opulent new look, following two months of renewals.

The remodelling includes a new plated copper bar, and a bespoke semi-private dining room, perfect for client functions or special occasions.

Reis Design from Linden used a Mediterranean colour pallet of cobalt blues and ash wood with splashes of copper in their conceptualisation.

Ben Reis, the interior designer and brain behind the Pappas relaunch

Ben Reis, the interior designer and brain behind the Pappas relaunch. Image supplied.

With the new look, comes a new menu, which will be subdivided in small and medium plates filled with popular meze items and appetisers, as well as Pappas’ Famous Steaks and their famed fish dishes.

One of the dishes I tried from the new menu was the Trout Ceviche with lime and coriander. I can also recommend the Mastiha Panacotta. Mastiha (pronounced ma-stee-ha) is a resin gathered from the mastic tree, a small evergreen tree native to Greece and the Mediterranean region. It’s also an ingredient in the Pappas Fizz, on the left below, with the Cypriot Sundowner on the right.

New cocktails at Pappas.

New cocktails at Pappas. Image supplied.

Charles de Olim, co-owner of Pappas explained that they are building on the quality that keep the regular patrons coming back for more, to also appeal to a new generation of customers. “It’s an evolution for the future of our family’s business.”

Pappas mosaic

Bespoke mosaic is a feature in the semi-private dining room. Image supplied.


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