Petrol price in South Africa over the last 10 years [infographic]

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This week’s infographic is courtesy of the people over at and recaps the staggering increase of fuel over the last decade.


Just 10 years ago South Africans were paying 339% less for petrol. In August 2004, unleaded fuel on the reef was priced at R4,00 a litre, with diesel at R3,29.

Petrol price increases

On average, the price has gained nearly rand a year, but the jumps have been erratic.

There was a brief period of respite from August 2008 to August 2009, when the price dropped by nearly R2,50. But since then, it has almost doubled to new highs seen this month.

Current South African fuel prices

Current fuel prices in South Africa stand at R13,55 for unleaded 95 on the reef, and the wholesale price of diesel (0,05% or 50 ppm) is R12,48 on the reef.


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